The Process

Cutting the Glass

Step One: “Conception”

The artist sketches and redraws until the desired design is conceived. The designs depict elements of the daily life, religion and culture of the women of Bogota.

Step Two: “Birth”

The design is stencilled onto the Tiffany glass with precision and care, then hand cut by artisan hands to the desired shapes.

Shaping the Glass

Step Three. “Moulding”

Each shape is polished and refined until a perfect fit is achieved. Each piece now fits flawlessly together allowing for the next step to take place.

Adding the Trim

Step Four: “Bonding”

Each piece is now bonded and bound into place, stabilising and securing the design with skill and dexterity.

Putting the Whole Piece Together

Step Five: “Metamorphosis”

The bonded design now undergoes a complex process of electroplating in either crisp glistening nickel or luxurious gold.

The Final Product

Step Six: “Emergence”

The piece is inspected
and repeatedly hand polished until a mirror like final finish is achieved.