Our Story

Why ‘Luv’em Art Glass’?

At Luv’em Art Glass, we design and hand craft exquisite ornaments that are recognised around the world. We support disadvantaged women in Bogota of Colombia to learn new skills and the art of crafting stained-glass ornaments. This enables financial independence for the women, their families and community. 

Each ornament is unique, handmade and symbolises the culture of the women of Bogota. The women come together to share knowledge, ideas and tradition, and have been hand crafting these intricate ornaments for over 20 years. Our mission is to
continue this legacy by supporting and teaching further generations the art of sculpting stained glass to support underprivileged families.

We have been told that our ornaments are elegant and unique, but for us they are more than just an ornament: these designs tell the stories of the women of Bogota’s lives. They bring connection, strength and empowerment to everyone in the community and to us - our family and our customers.